How a New Roof Impacts Home’s Value

American Prime Roofing is proud to offer services to a number of communities across Texas.

Roofs cover us from all sorts of danger. But all of that shielding accumulates a gradual toll on its condition and value of your home. With proper installment, your home’s value will increase tremendously. American Prime Roofing is here to give your roof the treatment it deserves. Check out our services today!


Instant Curb Appeal

Not only will you be satisfied with our roofing job, but the neighborhood will have a hard time looking away! Roofs contribute immensely to the overall curb appeal for your home. American Prime Roofing always keeps this in mind when making the best roof possible for your home.


Increased Energy Efficiency

Newer roofing models keep thermal energy consumption in mind for each home. American Prime Roofing takes that one step beyond by applying modern knowledge on how each home uses its energy daily. We hone in on perfection by matching the right roofing structure to your home's energy usage every time. Our roofing material helps keep your home better insulated so that you don’t spend as much on wasted energy.


Cost vs Value

Seeing the long-term profit and benefits of a new roof can feel daunting at first. But getting a quality job done for a new roof will make up around 60% of its cost when it comes to the increased value of your home. American Prime Roofing is aimed to always keep this in mind when installing your new roof. We take pride in being known for professional roofing repair in Mabank, TX.


Community Driven

We’re always keeping tabs the local housing market. This knowledge is applied to every job we do when giving you the best value possible for your roof and home. Visit our website and see what others are saying about us as their go-to roofer’s in Kaufman county.

We take pride in roofing as an artist does for their canvas. We’d love to hear about your needs and vision, call American Prime Roofing today!